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Newsletter 31 October 2008



Matrics start exams.

Grade 8 – 11 – stay away from the hall at all times.


RCL Assembly at poolsteps.

Staff to attend Exec meeting 14:00


Principal’s detention



Final Assembly 08:00

Periods adjusted to close at 13:00 to enable groundstaff to prepare venues.

OOPS….. SORRY ….. for omitting to thank the hospitality workers for the  fantastic work they did helping with the Valedictory Service.  They slogged for hours – before, during and after – contributing greatly to the success of the day.


Please be considerate and stay out of the cordoned-off areas around the hall and keep noise to a minimum as the matrics are writing their FINAL EXAMS.  Their results are important to THEM and to all of us, as a school.  If they do well, our reputation remains good. 

We wish them GREAT SUCCESS !

From the 10th November, the whole school will be writing exams.  Let’s all be respectful of everyone else and keep noise down, so we ALL BENEFIT!


So much talent exploded onto our stage on Thursday 23 October, spearheaded and driven by the extremely talented Joanne Goldberg, Netalie Minkovich and Thandi Mataboge.

Fantastic excerpts from widely differing musicals such as “My Fair Lady”, and “Rocky Horror Show” interspersed with poetry, dance, music, and our new grade 8 choir and a replay of the hilarious, winning house play “Momgobozi” had the enthusiastic audience exclaiming at the ability and bravery of the performers, 

Thanks to the parents and educators who helped with discipline and control.  Thanks to all the people involved – on stage, backstage or in any other way.  The MCs and Mrs Willers made such a positive contribution, dressing up in cultural dress to sell scrumptious cultural foods and also playing a vital role in control and discipline.  Thanks, too, to Mrs Naidu-Dames, Ms Georgiou and Mrs Nahman for their entrepreneurial input, Mrs Spector and others for taking photos ;  Mrs Botha and Lunga Kupiso for sound and lighting.  Vernon and the ground staff for their vital contribution ; our fantastic compères ; the ticket sellers and ushers ;  Mr Yudelowitz for donating posters ; the matrics who were so involved and everyone who contributed in any way.

There was so much goodwill.

Long Live Drama !

Ms Joffe.



On the afternoon of the 7th of October,

we listened to 8 exceptional senior and junior public speakers.

First were the seniors, Banele Ncube (Tsessebe), Sethu Tshabalala (Impala), Emma Nesset (Kudu) and Lindelani Msomi (Oribi).  All four speakers made their houses proud and the results were as follows :

1st – Emma Nesset (Kudu) with an A.

2nd – Lindelani Msomi (Oribi) with B+

Tie 3rd – Banele Ncube (Tsessebe) and Sethu Tshabalala

(Impala) – B symbols.

Emma’s prepared speech on “Time” was both touching and beautiful, she spoke about her grandmother and the impact of time.  Her unprepared topic was “Soapies are immoral”, Emma managed to captivate the crowd with humorous connections

to real life and soapies … maybe soapies aren’t so immoral. 

Banele spoke about her pride for Africa and truly made everyone proud of being an African.  Banele’s unprepared “It’s the little things.” was an interesting topic, as we learnt that

 perhaps the little things are not so little after all.

Then we had Lindelani entertaining us with his prepared speech “Do I offend you ?  He posed the question whether we would lay down our lives for him, and if we wouldn’t – was it because of who he was ?  For his unprepared he was given the topic “Rainy Days and Mondays”  Here he spoke about school, our attitudes to these days and how we can change thoseattitudes.

Sethu Tshabalala then spoke about “Eyes” and what effect they can have and with this she spoke about her amusing private coincidences.  “The trouble with being a good sport is you have to lose to prove it.”  was her unprepared speech, a very difficult topic to which Sethu managed to do justice, talking about how no one likes losing.

Up next were the Juniors.

The speakers were Keitumetse Mogodi (Impala), Christopher Hardy (Oribi), Cornelia Kekana (Tsessebe) and Ayanda Tshabalala (Kudu).

The results were as follows :

1st            Ayanda Tshabalala (Kudu) (A)

2nd           Christopher Hardy (Oribi) (B)

3rd           Cornelia Kekana (Tsessebe) (B-)

4th            Keitumetse Mogodi (Impala) (C+)

First speaker Keitumetse’s prepared was “What do I really think about the government” a topic that she could really sink her teeth into –  A passionate expression of her opinion.  Her unprepared ;  “My African Dream”  expressed her views

on abandoning superficial materials to help realise this dream. 

Cornelia’s topic “Is hip-hop dead” ?  engaged the audience on the truth of how different hip-hop is now compared to the past.  Cornelia’s unprepared speech was about her own private island which dealt with the fictional world of the teenager vs reality.

Christopher Hardy’s bold, brave and bedazzling speech “Sexuality in a teenager’s life” dealt with sensitive issues amongst the youth of South Africa.  “The Power of Words”, Chris’s unprepared topic, spoke about his experiences and the influence of verbal communication.

Last, but not least, Ayanda’s prepared speech on “Teenage Sex” was a well delivered, sincere, informative speech on the truth about this controversial topic.  Finally her unprepared speech “Am I ready for the challenge” spoke about the challenges she faced in Grade 8.

Simone de Barros

As always, this was a thoroughly enjoyable event ; interesting, thought-provoking and fun.

Thanks to our experienced adjudicators, Dave Robinson and Felicité D’Ymant who not only assessed the speaking but imparted valuable tips to the speakers for the future.

Thanks too, to all the pupils and teachers who supported our speakers.

Ms Joffe.


The battle of the senior debaters took place on Tuesday 28th October.  The 4 teams and a pleasing number of supporters turned up to prove supremacy on 2 contentious topics.

Whether it is possible to have a civil society without the arts was hotly debated by Tsessebe (Jarelle Africa, Sihle Nhlapo, Banele Ncube) and Kudu (Lindi Sirame, Jessica Mamelasigidi, Katlego Motoma), although the floor was a little reticent in this debate.  Tsessebe won by 1 point. 

The question of whether violent music lyrics directly influence violence in society, debated by Impala (Neeza Ramiah, Boikanyo Keepilwe, Sethu Tshabalala) and Oribi (Travis Davis, Shaun Lanto, Molebogeng Sikwe) aroused so much floor debate, that the chairperson had to forcibly stop them from continuing to argue.  Oribi won this debate.  Thanks to matrics who came in for this and people who stood in at the last moment.

Thanks to Emma Nesset for her firm and eloquent chairing and to Mr Robinson who both assessed and gave helpful suggestions, in his adjudication.  We also appreciate the loyal support of Mrs Nahman and Ms Barnsley and the help with the tea, eats and cleaning up from Hessie and the (many) hospitality workers.

There were a mere 3 points between the teams which came 1st and the team that came 4th and the final positions were :

1st         Oribi

2nd        Tsessebe

3rd         Kudu

4th         Impala.

Well done to all.

Ms Joffe. 

Junior Interhouse Debating will be next week, probably on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon. Come along and support – you will be surprised at how much you will enjoy yourselves.


Will meet in the Library after school on Thursday Please bring all your book club books.



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Gr12 Tourism Outing – Maropeng

Grade 12 Tourism
De Wildt Cheetah & Wildlife Centre And Maropeng 
By Jennavieve Cromie 

On Friday the 20th of July Grade 12 Travel & Tourism learners had an early start from school and headed off to North West Province and a full day itinerary. First stop was De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife centre where we were introduced to a variety of animals. Starting with Jedi the Anatolian sheep dog and including normally coloured as well as an albino honey badger. From there we went onto one of the many cheetah enclosures and had opportunity to ask questions and learn about these beautiful animals. In addition to huge conservation and breeding success with cheetah, De Wildt has managed to breed wild Dog also known as Cape Hunting Dogs or painted wolves. The pack was excited to see us as they knew that a snack of whole chickens was waiting for them. Other animals that we learnt about were the African Wild Cat, Caracal as well as a variety of vultures. We were surprised and interested to discover how important the vultures are to the ecosystem. At the end of the tour we had an opportunity to touch and have a photo taken with Byron, who is and ambassador cheetah, which was exciting. Everyone was asked to write a poem about their visit and we were complimented on the quality of our writing. Our second destination was Maropeng in the Cradle of Humankind. The first thing that greeted us was a sign “beware of the snakes” – everyone jumped off the grass very quickly. Our tour guide gave us a brief history of evolution and where Mrs. Ples was found. Then we took off on our tour which started with the four elements of water, fire, earth and wind after which we went of a boat ride to experience all of these elements. After the boat ride we moved into a large room where there were a variety of displays that we could look at, touch & listen to. I enjoyed the dodo telling his story through a telephone. Our guide showed us how caves and the continents were formed. Then we had time to experiment with electricity and use our senses to experience all of the displays. There was so much to see and do. The whole day was a fun filled adventure and experience. Most of the learners fell asleep on the bus on the way home. Once we arrived at school we were all verbal chatter boxes about the trip. 



Tourism at SHS

Subject Overview

Tourism at high school is a vocational course that is intended to give learners a broad spectrum understanding of the tourism industry and an introduction to a career in the industry. For this reason we pay close attention to organisational skills, behaviour and work ethic. By the end of Matric learners should have a good idea of proper office etiquette and of the responsibilities of getting work done. It is considered a practical subject as we learn by doing. Projects and research assignments are an important part of course. We concentrate on the South African tourism industry, its components and how they work together as well as study the aspects that make South Africa unique. We will also touch on international tourism markets and attractions. 

Grade 11 Tourism
At the beginning of this year I took over the Tourism department which has been an interesting and challenging undertaking. I have had the pleasure of working with a dynamic group of learners who have responded enthusiastically to a range of activities and tasks. As part of our study on global events and Southern Africa, learners were asked to put together a Southern African Development Community (SADC) trade fair to showcase the tourism potential in our region. In small groups they randomly chose a country and set about preparing a display table and fact sheet for their allocated country. The trade fair was held in the tourism class and teachers and learners were invited. After much activity and organising all of the tables were ready and we had our first visitors. The class was awash with colour and a wide variety of display items. Energy and atmosphere was completed with the rhythm of drums. Teachers and learners who visited us took a genuine interest in the countries and hopefully learnt something about our neighbours. Thank you to everyone who visited and participated to make this a fun and interesting learning event.


Academic Subject Information

Welcome to SHS 2008
Subjects offered to grades 8 and 9 are in line with the National Curriculum Statement (NCS):
• Languages (English, Afrikaans or Zulu) Read about our incredible achievement

• Mathematics • Natural Sciences • Life Sciences • Arts and Culture • Life Orientation • Economics and Management Sciences • History and Geography • Technology

Sandringham High Offers These NCS Subjects to All Grade10 – 12 Learners
• Languages (English, Afrikaans or Zulu) • Mathematics and Mathematic Literacy • Natural Sciences • Life Sciences (Biology) • Visual Art and Design • Life Orientation • Economics and Management Sciences • History • Geography • Engineering Graphics and Design • Travel and Tourism • Consumer Studies

Sandringham boasts a highly educated and qualified teaching staff. Sandringham follows the FET syllabus and ensures that each willing learner will be ready to write their final examinations.

Sports Information

Sandringham’s Sports and Facilities

We are currently in the 4th term sports calendar

We are working hard to bring you sports scores online!

Physical Sports Offered at SHS
• Soccer (Girls and Boys teams) • Rugby • Tennis • Hockey • Netball • Squash (Team and Social) • Swimming • Athletics • Cheerleading 

Non Physical Sports Offered
 Drama • Chess • Rhetoric • Public Speaking • Debating • Choir • English and Maths olympiad 

Optional Courses and Voulenteer Work
• First Aid • Community Service • Self Defence • Enviromental Service 

Sandringham has a friendly and efficient ground staff, these men and woman strive to keep all the fields, courts and the pool in top condition all through the year.

Important Past Pupils Letter!

11 August 2008

Dear Past Pupils

We, as fellow past pupils, presently teaching at Sandringham High School would like to update you about where your old school is now.

In some ways there have been changes in line with a changing SA, but Sandringham High School still stands as a beacon of top-notch affordable schooling, maintaining consistently superior academic results such as 100% matric pass rate, a high university exemption rate and many distinctions in matric.   Last year, three of our pupils were placed in the top 10 in the district.  Extra-murally too, our school continues to participate and achieve well in both the sporting and cultural areas.

Our pupils are culturally and racially diverse and come from vastly differing backgrounds – some impoverished and other privileged with approximately 40% of pupils unable to pay school fees.  Unfortunately the government perceives us a privileged school and gives us very little money (R140 000 per year), beyond paying for a minimum number of teachers’ salaries.  In order to maintain our excellent standards we have to pay many teachers from school  funds. 

Some of you may remember the “temporary” prefab classrooms that were built to deal with burgeoning numbers. After + 30 years these classrooms are now collapsing and dangerous – and still being used.  The boiler-room which used to heat up classrooms, no longer exists.   Our classrooms are freezing and we require heating and when it rains, pupils get wet, moving from classroom to classroom because of leaking roofs.  Security is a necessity in SA and our palisade fencing needs repairing.


Our computer centre is no longer operable and we desperately need to set up a new one, not only to keep up with international trends, but to institute a much needed literacy programme.  These are just a few of the things that need to be done.  We are sure that many of you will agree that your success has a lot to do with the education you received at Sandringham High School and we would like to give modern pupils the same firm educational basis that we were given. 

We are passionate about maintaining Sandringham High School as a non-racial, affordable and excellent school which functions harmoniously with none of the cultural and racial tensions that many people expect.

To this end we would like to raise two million rand (especially as it’s the 40th anniversary of our official opening) and we would appreciate whatever you may be able to contribute.  If possible please furnish us with names and contact details of other past pupils. 

Our website address is

Click here to help us out!

DEBBIE JOFFE                                                                                                     VIVIENNE HELFER (SHINDLER)